Copyright Clearance Specialist
Music and Archival footage


Tram7 is a copyright clearance service for audiovisual content that offers a turnkey service to all producers who want to integrate music or archival footage in audiovisual projects.

Wether it is for a film, a television series, a documentary, an ad or any type of audiovisual project, we make our expertise available to you. Our in-depth knowledge of the audiovisual industry and our solid network in the fields of music and visual archives make us one of the leaders in copyright clearance in Quebec. Our strength lies in being able to act quickly and obtain copyright clearance at the best price.

Music Supervision

Choosing the right music for a particular sequence conveys emotion and engages viewers.

In the same way that casting of actors is critical, selecting the appropriate music is an important component of creating an ambiance and marketing a film. Tram-7 goes right to work doing this type of research.

When a story is being told, music is critical in conveying the emotion sensed by the audience. The soundtrack gives color to the storytelling and serves as a backstay for the work. Done properly, the marriage of music and image elicits real emotions in the audience. Soundtracks are essential supporting components of a film in its entirety, including the images, story lines, and the acting. Music does more than highlight a scene; music transforms it and takes it to another level.

Style and rhythm also serve to keep the audience’s attention as well as to define a setting or a time period. Music is another dimension that defines a story or a sequence of images.


Producers seeking archival footage can refer to us to either research or identify footage or photographic images. With ten years of experience in archives research, we have build a solid network and acute reflexes to quickly find what you are looking for.  Once the images are found, we negotiate the rights to use the copyrights and keep our clients informed throughout the process.